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“WORDLY AMBITION is a springboard that launches writing careers!”

Our goal is to help writers to grow, to find acclaim and recognition.

Welcome to inaugural year of judging!
2020 panel judges: Cheryl Butler, author of dark thriller “Proclivity to Prurience”; Olga Gibbs, author of high fantasy series “Celestial Creatures”; Lauren Knapper, MA Creative writing, bookblogger; Kacey Kells, author of “Kellcey”, a memoir on concequences of an abuse; Rosie Wylor-Owen, USA Today Bestselling author “Darkness Rising”; with many more names TBC, the final list will be announced on 18th of July.
We re-invest the profits back into the competition to increase our winners exposure through detailed marketing, increasing prize monies for our winners, while inviting leaders of the industry and best-selling authors to participate.
Every year we will produce short stories & poetry anthology, celebrating our winners, investing the submission fees fund into its marketing and promotion, helping writers to create a name for themselves.
As well as this, we aim to run a “free entry” competitions for writers from marginalised groups, especially the ones who won’t be able otherwise to afford the entry fee, to encourage to share their stories and discover the joy of writing (as paid competitions, these ones will be open globally too). Stay in touch as details of these will be announced in winter 2021.

We pave the way for writers with unique voices and ideas, helping them to find contracts and a reader base.

We look for talented storytellers and wordsmiths.

Our competitions are open GLOBALLY to entrants from every country and every social background who writes in English. We want to support writers with unique voices and ideas therefore we are looking for talented storytellers and wordsmiths.


Every entry can request feedback from our professional judges.


The shortlisted work is invited to be published in our annual anthology.


Our prizes include cash prizes, as well as prizes from our guest judges, such as 1:1 mentoring sessions from published authors, editorial serices, etc (please check the prize info).

Four ANNUAL categories:


We have FOUR categories running annually, but throughout the year we introduce “Flash” competitions too, so stay in touch with us via social media, our newsletter or visit our site.
We are looking to add a non-fiction category in the future too, to celebrate the work of noted and rising stars of professional fields.

Explore our Competitions

The four categories to choose from are perfect for every writer of every interest and ability.

How does it work?

  • Choose the category you want to enter.
  • Pay via the Paypal button, entering into the comments field the name of the author and the title of the piece.
  • Send an email to with your work attached, adding the same author name and the title of the submitted piece. (We need to link the payment with the correct submitted work!)
  • Receive results. (Don’t foret to celebrate your win!)

Ready to enter?

Check out our rules and guidelines first here.


We know how hard it is to land such a deeply coveted publishing contract, to see one’s name in print, to find critical acclaim and readership, especially if the work you produce doesn’t ride the high waves of current trends, therefore might not find financial success, which falls into more obscure niches or too risqué.
But we want to change that.
We want to celebrate great wordsmiths, engaging storytellers and imaginative world-builders!
We want to celebrate the art of written work in its every form. We want to give voice to every writer from every social background, therefore in later years introducing the “free entry” competitions for writers from underprivileged backgrounds.
We believe that financial success is not the only measure of success in writing and we want to expand the scope of criteria of acclaim. We want to praise your work, no matter how “uncomfortable”, “unmarketable” or “unsellable” it might be.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a limit to the number of pieces I can submit?

No. You can submit as many pieces of work as you like, into as many categories you like.

Who are our judges?

The panel of judges is announced every year and includes published authors, book promoters, bloggers and readers. Currently we are in talks with a few New-York Times Bestselling authors, Sunday Times Bestselling authors and junior agents at publishing agencies.

If I am invited, do I have to accept the anthology publication? And if I accept it, would I still hold the rights to my work?

Every year we aim to produce a high quality anthology and all shortlisted entries are invited to participate. You will retain copyright to your work, but we ask that you don’t publish this particular work anywhere for 3 years from the anthology release date. We want to promote every anthology, giving every author the best chance to get noticed and acknowledged by the industry and readers, placing these anthologies into as many hands as possible.

What if I need to get in touch with you?

We are happy to hear from our entrants to answer any further questions you might have. Please feel free to email us: