Failed childhood attachments.

By Olga Gibbs, an author, a creative writing coach and a writing mentor, studying for her Masters in Creative Writing, with a background in adolescent psychology and mental health, with years of experience working with young people in therapeautic and supportive settings. Working with people, no matter the age, through their parental attachment and abandonmentContinue reading “Failed childhood attachments.”

How to write heart-pumping fight scenes that engage readers.

Writen by Olga Gibbs, author of the “Celestial Creatures” series. When I was faced with a blank page at the beginning of my fantasy series, I didn’t know what it would become in its completed form. I knew the “A” and the “B” of my story, i.e. where, with whom, it will begin and whereContinue reading “How to write heart-pumping fight scenes that engage readers.”

An Appetite for Authenticity.

Raw, disturbing, uncomfortable, unique.When a writer is a non-conformist and tells stories that don’t meet the financial bottom line but rather spark debates, while making readers question ongoing status-quo or look behind curtains, hiding an average-looking family, that writer takes risks. Cheryl Butler, the author of “A Proclivity to Prurience” speaks about confronting stereotypes, herContinue reading “An Appetite for Authenticity.”

Top 5 Tips to Get You Started

by Lauren Knapper, MA in Creative Writing Writing can be a daunting process. You ask yourself where do I start? What do I want to write?  You have a blank canvas in front of you, waiting to be coloured in your ideas and the written word. Below, are a few tips to help you pullContinue reading “Top 5 Tips to Get You Started”